Thursday, 17 November 2011

Super Turbo Meet 27-29th November

What started out as a weekend in London with Waveskill to play Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in the Casino (an arcade), has eventually mutated into a meet up with various other players, and a tournament thrown in for good measure.

I'll keep this short and to the point.  Myself and Waveskill were travelling down from Chesterfield and Sheffield to London for what should have been the weekend, however due to working arrangements, we shifted it forward a day and extended it by a day too, so we will be on the road from 27-29th November, which is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

I found out the other day that there is a tournament happening in Bristol, which just so happened to be on one of the days we were going to London, so we decided to make a detour and take part in the tournament.  More information about the tournament can be found here.  Here is a brief plan on what we intend to do, and where we intend to be:

Sunday 27th November - Sodium Showdown 4 @ Bristol
We will be leaving earlyish to try and avoid the traffic, although the exact time hasn't been decided.  I'd like to arrive before 12:00 which means setting off at around 08:30 since I am picking up Waveskill, but the venue doesn't open until 14:00, so not sure what I will do to kill time.  Perhaps if anyone else is going to this tournament we could meet up and go and do something.  Drop me a message on Xbox live if you are.

This tournament features Blazblue CS2, Mortal Kombat 9, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, SSF2T (HDR I presume), SF3 3rd Strike and of course Super SF4 AE.  Entry to the venue is just £3, and it's only £1 to enter each tournament, so don't expect big cash prizes.  I haven't heard of this event before, but I presume it's going to be pretty small scale, so hopefully I can finish top 3 again!  The line up is quite big for an event I haven't heard before, so I hope they aren't being overly ambitious.  The organiser has also said, "Arc System Works EU will also be there with copies of BBCS and AH3!", so if that means free copies, then I'm definitely there.

Once the tournament is over, we will be heading over to London in the evening where we are staying at the Cumberland Hotel Harrow, which is the I used in 2010 for SVB.  £92 for 2 nights is reasonable, but not including breakfast.  The hotel is in a good location with shops, cash machine and train station all within walking distance.  It will take around 2 hours from Bristol to London, so I'll hopefully set off for the hotel at around 19:00 providing the HDR tournament is done, and spend a couple of hours in the on-site bar, then have some locals in the hotel room once we reach kicking out time as I'm bringing my Xbox.

Don't forget to check the tournament information here

Monday 28th November - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo @ Casino
Once we've sobered up and had something to eat, we'll head over to Casino.  It's about 45 minutes drive from Harrow and I intend to stay there most of the day, or if the likes of orf, kaos flare or Ryan Hart are there, as long as my money lasts.  I'm guessing we will be at Casino from around late morning (10:00?) to early evening, after which we will check out some of the pubs (around 3 in staggering distance) and probably make our way back to the hotel close to kicking out time with some more HDR casuals.

The address for Leisure Casino Centre is 69 Tottenham Court Road.  Check the full information here or Google maps here.

I will probably be meeting Herbalholic at some point for some arcade ST action, and there's the possibility of TryDodgingThis and/or AnxiousBrute showing up too.  You can get the tube to Goodge Street Station, and as you exit the station turn right and there is a KFC literally next door with Casino being one of the next buildings.

Tuesday 29th November - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo @ Casino part 2
I haven't planned much for Tuesday but it will likely be a similar setup to Monday with us being in Casino a good part of the day, but we might take some time out to check out some other things, or if anyone is kind enough, to crash at their house and play some locals.

There will be no hotel casuals on Tuesday as we have to check out around 10:00 so we won't have a base for the day.  We will probably make our way back around 20:00 as I'll be dropping Waveskill off, so I'm allowing 3 hours for the return trip.

Don't forget that if you drive into central London, you may get hit with a £10 congestion charge per day, unless you drive a milk float.

If anyone wants to come along and meet up with us at some point drop me a message on Xbox live, by text or facebook.  I also have a twitter now, so keep an eye on that for updates during the 3 days as to what our plans are and where we will be.!/Zero1_ST

Hope to see you there.

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